NameNum Species
Alameda Area23
Alameda County - specific site unknown7
Alameda Creek - Sunol Valley section, SFWD25
Alameda Shore20
Albany - other or unknown sites3
Albany Hill27
Albany Shoreline11
Alhambra Valley13
Altamont Pass45
Antioch - other or unknown sites136
Antioch Dunes103
Antioch Shoreline32
Arroyo Del Valle7
Bay Farm Island - S end of Alameda17
Berkeley - other or unknown sites53
Berkeley Hills69
Berkeley Shoreline28
Berkeley, West25
Bethany Reservoir - S of Byron18
Bethel Island14
Big Break, Antioch27
Bishop Ranch Rgnl Park14
Black Diamond - Markley Canyon45
Black Diamond - Nortonville44
Black Diamond - Sommersville22
Black Diamond - Stewartsville28
Black Diamond Rgnl Preserve141
Bollinger Canyon Rd - N of Crow Canyon Rd1
Bollinger Canyon, Moraga9
Brentwood area15
Briones - other or unknown sites7
Briones Reservoir, EBMUD58
Briones Rgnl Park103
Briones Valley - W of Brentwood27
Brooks Island Rgnl Park20
Browns Island61
Brushy Peak - EBRPD45
Brushy Peak Rgnl Park - LARPD47
Brushy Peak Rgnl Park - other or unknown sites35
Byron - other or unknown sites96
Byron Hot Springs area95
Calaveras Reservoir, SFWD21
Calaveras Road7
Caldecott Corridor, Berkeley5
Caldecott Corridor, Oakland12
Canyon Area22
Canyon Area - EBMUD land nearby16
Carquinez Strait Rgnl Park64
Cedar Mountain110
Chabot - Garin Trail - North of Cull Canyon4
Chabot Rgnl Park124
Chaparral Springs - S of Clayton18
Claremont Canyon Rgnl Park56
Clayton area11
Clayton Ranch - SE of Clayton, EBRPD30
Clifton Court Forebay - E of Byron27
Concord - other or unknown sites24
Concord Naval Weapons Station58
Contra Costa County - specific site unknown8
Contra Loma Rgnl Park41
Cordonices Creek, Lower5
Cordonices Creek, Upper3
Corral Hollow Area118
Corteva Wetlands41
Coyote Hills Rgnl Park22
Crane Ridge4
Crockett, West10
Cull Canyon - other or unknown sites4
Cull Canyon Rgnl Park15
Deer Valley52
Del Valle Regional Park87
Delta Area - other or unknown site3
Diablo Foothills Rgnl Park55
Dimond Park/District, Oakland12
Discovery Bay12
Don Castro Reservoir9
Dry Creek Pioneer Rgnl Park17
Dublin - North of 580, West of 6803
Dublin - South of 580, West of 6804
Dublin, E of 680, N of 58050
Dutch Slough12
EBMUD land near Chabot Rgnl Park9
EBMUD land near Orinda12
EBMUD land near Redwood Rgnl Park1
EBMUD land near Sibley12
EBMUD land near Vollmer Peak11
EBMUD land near Wildcat Rgnl Park3
EBMUD land on San Pablo Ridge43
EBMUD property3
EBMUD property near Sobrante Ridge2
El Cerrito - other or unknown sites6
El Cerrito Hills34
El Sobrante7
Fairmont Ridge, near Lake Chabot15
Fish Ranch Rd7
Flicker Ridge - EBMUD55
Frank's Tract10
Franklin Canyon16
Franklin Ridge19
Fremont Flatlands and Hills20
Fremont Shoreline18
Garin Rgnl Park35
Garin/Dry Creek Rgnl Park - unknown which park10
Gateway area35
Gateway area, EBMUD land18
Grizzly Peak - other or unknown sites13
Grizzly Peak Blvd, Berkeley6
Grizzly Peak Blvd, Oakland6
Gudde Ridge, Moraga20
Hampton Reserve - EBMUD13
Hastings Slough12
Hayward - other or unknown sites9
Hayward Hills7
Hayward Regional Shoreline, or nearby9
Hercules - other or unknown sites8
Hercules Shoreline5
Holland Tract4
Horse Valley - W of Brentwood, S of Antioch37
Huckleberry Rgnl Preserve49
Jersey Island7
Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland60
Kennedy Grove Rgnl Park14
Kirker Pass, Concord16
Knightsen area8
Knowland Park, Oakland46
Lafayette - other or unknown sites17
Lafayette Reservoir - EBMUD18
Lafayette Ridge, Briones Rgnl Park27
Lake Temescal Rgnl Park16
Las Trampas - other or unknown sites6
Las Trampas Creek, Lafayette5
Las Trampas Rgnl Wilderness96
Lawrence Livermore Lab, Site 300, Corral Hollow123
Leona Heights Rgnl Park, or nearby54
Lily Spring, San Pablo Ridge - EBMUD land14
Lime Ridge area70
Livermore - other or unknown sites81
Livermore Valley45
Lone Tree Valley, Antioch20
Los Mochos Boy Scout Camp, Mines Rd157
Los Vaqueros Watershed202
Maguire Peaks, Sunol Regional Wilderness30
Man Ridge, Mines Rd.27
Marsh Creek2
Marsh Creek - other or unknown sites31
Marsh Creek Reservoir4
Marsh Creek Road30
Marsh Creek State Park - formerly Cowell Ranch27
Martinez - other or unknown sites38
Martinez Marsh Regional Shoreline10
Martinez shoreline - out of park or specific site unknown13
Martinez, East of Benecia Bridge13
Miller - Knox Rgnl Park32
Mines Road/Arryo Mocho184
Mission Peak Rgnl Park22
Moraga - other or unknown sites36
Morgan Territory - other or unknown sites16
Morgan Territory Rgnl Park122
Morgan Territory Road8
Mountain House16
Mt. Diablo Area - unknown if within park5
Mt. Diablo State Park - East side149
Mt. Diablo State Park - North side206
Mt. Diablo State Park - South side197
Mt. Diablo State Park - Summit and Upper area - 2500 ft and abo196
Mt. Diablo State Park - unspecified or multiple sites259
Mt. Diablo State Park - West of Mt. Zion33
Mt. Diablo State Park - West side153
Mt. Eden17
Mt. Wanda, Martinez27
Niles Canyon area67
Norris Canyon29
Oakland - other or unknown sites53
Oakland Hills - North46
Oakland Hills - other or unknown sites50
Oakland Hills - South2
Oakland Shoreline27
Ohlone Rgnl Wilderness191
Ohlone Rgnl Wilderness, private land nearby12
Old River9
Orinda Area18
Orwood Tract5
Oyster Bay Rgnl Shoreline5
Pacheco Slough9
Palomares Road - Stoneybrook Canyon12
Patterson Pass31
Peyton Marsh, Martinez10
Pinehurst Rd - S of Canyon3
Pinole - EBMUD land nearby21
Pinole - other or unknown sites5
Pinole Creek8
Pinole Peak - EBMUD13
Pinole Shoreline5
Pittsburg - other or unknown sites9
Pittsburg Hills16
Pittsburg Shore20
Pleasanton Area7
Pleasanton Ridge Rgnl Park61
Port Costa5
Pt. Edith17
Pt. Isabel Rgnl Park14
Pt. Molate55
Pt. Pinole Rgnl Park35
Pt. Richmond Area37
Pt. San Pablo8
Red Rock Island11
Redwood Rgnl Park116
Redwood Road - North of Pinehurst Rd12
Redwood Road - South of Pinehurst Rd12
Rhode Island5
Rhodia Marsh, Martinez11
Richmond - other or unknown sites12
Richmond Hills2
Richmond Shoreline26
Rock Slough11
Rocky Ridge - EBMUD land near Las Trampas15
Rodeo - other or unknown sites5
Rodeo Shoreline3
Round Valley Rgnl Park49
San Antonio Reservoir - SFWD12
San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge9
San Francisco Water District land, Pleasanton9
San Francisco Water District land, Sunol95
San Leandro Area13
San Leandro Bay15
San Leandro Creek North - EBMUD10
San Leandro Creek South - EBMUD9
San Leandro Reservoir - EBMUD52
San Lorenzo Area - near bay3
San Lorenzo Creek - near bay2
San Pablo Area5
San Pablo Creek North - EBMUD15
San Pablo Creek South - EBMUD5
San Pablo Reservoir - EBMUD48
San Pablo Ridge Area11
San Pablo Ridge, Orinda6
San Ramon, East of 6806
San Ramon, W of 6809
Sand Creek19
Sand Mound Slough7
Seal Island2
Shadow Cliffs Rgnl Park8
Shell Ridge31
Sibley Rgnl Park57
Sibley Rgnl Park Area8
Siesta Valley, Lower - EBMUD land19
Siesta Valley, Upper - EBMUD land71
Skyline Serpentine Prairie, Redwood Rgnl Park35
Sobrante Ridge - S of Park4
Sobrante Ridge Rgnl Park17
Springtown Wetlands Preserve81
Springtown Wetlands Preserve Area26
Strawberry Canyon67
Sunol - town7
Sunol Area4
Sunol Rgnl Wilderness177
Sunol Valley7
Sycamore Grove Rgnl Park - LAPRD55
Tarraville Creek, Mines Rd37
Tassajara Creek Area1
Tassajara Peak6
Tassajara Road3
Tesla, Corral Hollow85
Tilden Rgnl Park - Grizzly Peak17
Tilden Rgnl Park - Jewel Lake/Nature area27
Tilden Rgnl Park - Lake Anza8
Tilden Rgnl Park - other or unknown sites41
Tilden Rgnl Park - San Pablo Ridge33
Tilden Rgnl Park - Vollmer Peak8
Tilden Rgnl Park - Wildcat Gorge14
UC Campus, Berkeley12
UC Field Station, Richmond17
Vargas Plateau7
Vasco Caves Rgnl Park27
Vasco Road - other or unknown sites2
Vasco Road, North - CCA Co37
Vasco Road, South - ALA Co33
Vollmer Peak Area6
Walnut Creek30
Walpert Ridge21
Ward Creek2
Warm Springs, Fremont50
Waterbird Park, Martinez12
Webb Tract8
Wildcat Canyon Area13
Wildcat Canyon Road4
Wildcat Creek3
Wildcat Rgnl Park52
Winter Island4